Q. How are you paid?

A. We derive income from financial planning fees as well as investment management fees. We are a fee-based firm. Investment management fees are calculated as a percentage of the assets we manage. The fees are paid quarterly in advance.

The annual fee for investment management services ranges from 0.5% to 1%.

Outside of our normal fee-based pattern, there are other occasions where it becomes necessary to recommend a product to meet a client’s need.  For instance, College Education (529 Plans), direct participation, or other insurance products can pay out commissions through our Broker-Dealer arrangement (LPL Financial).

Q. Do you have account minimums?

A. Yes. Effective January 1, 2024 there is a $300,000 minimum for new advisory clients.

Q. Can I still hire you if I don’t meet your account minimum or choose to manage my own investments?

A. Yes, there are two options in this situation:

$300/hour consulting fee


$1500 flat fee which secures unlimited planning services for 12 months.

*discounted flat fee of $350 students or medical residents

Q. Is there a charge for an initial meeting?

A. No, all introductory meetings are complimentary. However, once the financial planning process commences, clients will be charged accordingly.

Q. What is your investment philosophy?

A. Our 3 core tenants of portfolio management are asset allocation, diversification, and disciplined rebalancing. We DO NOT believe in portfolio maximization. Instead, we aim for portfolio optimization (striving for the best return GIVEN your personal level of risk).

Q. Do you offer any guarantees?

A. No. All investments carry risk. It is illegal for an investment advisor to claim an investment is guaranteed.

Q. What do you require of your clients?

A. We believe in the concept of mutual respect. Simply stated, we strive to be professional and considerate with all our clients. This means coming prepared and being prompt to meetings, and responsive when contacted. We simply expect our clients to behave in the same manner.

Q. Is there a contract that I must sign to work with you?

A. Yes. Standard new account paperwork, applications, and an advisory agreement (when applicable) are part of the typical on-boarding process. However, clients are free to disengage at any time. 

Q. How many clients to you serve?

A. We have approximately 200 investment households under management.

Q. What is your typical client?

A. While we serve different types of clients, we primarily work with physicians and other professionals in the medical field.

Q. Who has custody of my funds if I hire you?

A. LPL Financial

On occasion we will use other mutual funds, insurance or direct participation companies. Client assets are then held with those companies.