*All advisory clients are offered an annual comprehensive financial plan, 401k analysis, drift based rebalancing on the Encompass platform, and unlimited consultations.

Householding permitted. Any <25k householded account will be single fund solution on the Enact platform due to trading and certain fund family minimums.

Effective January 1, 2020, there is a $200,000 minimum for new advisory clients.


*All initial consultations are complimentary. There are no asset minimum requirements for fee-only clients.
The above advisory fees are subject to change at the advisor’s discretion. Investments are not guaranteed. You should always consult your advisor or conduct your own due diligence before making any investment decision.  Securities offered through Securities Service Network, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC Fee based advisory service offered through SSN Advisory, Inc., a registered investments advisor. Depending on the custodian selected for your accounts there may be additional fees and charges; like annual maintenance fees and ticket charges that are charged to your account.  These fees are separate from the investment advisor fees listed in this schedule and are not an additional form of compensation to the Advisor.  However, the Advisor is also a registered representative of Securities Service Network, LLC, a registered broker/dealer, as well as a licensed insurance broker/agent.  As such, certain products can be sold for commission, when that occurs it will be fully disclosed by a selling prospectus, which will contain additional disclosure documentation specific to the type of commission product being purchased.  As you can see with this disclosure, it is our intention to keep you fully informed of any and all fees, commissions and expenses related to your account, so you can continue to make educated and fee conscious decisions with regard to your investment options.